Nicholas Molina is the CEO of the International Vapor Group

Posted by - Admin / January 23rd, 2013

Nicholas Molina has been working in the electronic cigarettes industry for the last couple of years. This is an industry that has shown incredible growth over the course of a very small period of time. Electronic cigarettes have shown incredible growth because so many people want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes have quickly developed into the most reliable method of smoking cessation. Nicholas Molina has played a major role in helping to grow the industry.

Nicholas Molina is the CEO of the International Vapor Group. International Vapor Group specializes in the manufacturing, distributing, and then retailing of a number of popular electronic cigarettes brands. This includes EverSmoke and South Beach Smoke, which are two of the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes on the market. They are so successful because they are low cost and durable.

Nicholas Molina is an entrepreneur who has a great deal of experience dealing with all sorts of business situations. He has experience in handing initial public offerings, public companies, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, online and offline marketing, and start-ups. Nicholas Molina has won all kinds of business awards for his entrepreneurial pursuits and innovative style. He could best be described as a “results-driven” CEO.

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